Online proofing getting started

Quick start

If you want a super quick start just jump to item 12/13


Proofing screen

proofing screen
proofing screen layout

tool ref

Icon Description

What does it do

tool ref

Icon Description

What does it do


Page List

The page list displays all the pages the pdf in page number order


Annotation List

Shows a list of all the annotation (comments / amendments) you have asked for or added to each page of the PDF using tools 13 &14


Spread view

A spread is a printing term for two pages viewed together, like the a book when you have opened it, you see a page on the left and a page on the right.

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 08.57.20.png


Previous / Next Page

Move forward or backwards one page in the PDF

you can also click directly on a page thumbnail in the page list view on the left of the screen


Fit to screen

Fits the PDF to the view area of the window


Zoom Magnifier

allows you to select an area of a page and zoom in for more detail

you can zoom in to a huge 1300000% so you see every pixel



Zoom in and out

each click will zoom in or out of the pdf page



Click, hold and drag to move around the page, the icon should look like a little hand



Rotates the PDF Page in 90 degree increments

This is only for viewing, it will not effect the print output



Will display the colour mix of an item on the page when clicked


Select Objects

Select an item on the page and the tools panel will give you loads of information about the item you have selected

Size and resolution of images, font and size of text and much more

For more information on tools see our deep dive section below which explains what everything is.


Note Annotation

Click an item on the pdf page you want to change or add a comment to for our design team to amend

The annotation will be listed in the annotations list (icon 2) in the side bar so you can keep track of what you have requested.



Area notation

If your comment in more general or effects an area on the page use the area select tool, drag a box around the area you want to comment on



Decision panel

Once you have reviewed your PDF file you can select what happened next


If you don want to change anything click approve and you can “Sign off” the proof by entering you name

If you have added any comments or annotations you can not approve the PDF, this is because a comment or annotation indicates that something needs to be changed.

Make corrections and reproof

sign off the proof and add any additional comments, if you try to ask for this option with out first adding any annotations, comments or changes the the proofing system won't let you !

Cancel and Supply new files

the whole job changed ? sometimes this happens and we all need to just start again, not to worry, cancel this pdf and send us a new one.

What happens next ?


The comments are “attached” to the PDF file and sent back to us with a report,

you will be sent an email with the details of you decision