Print Frameworks

The print service manages the print frameworks on behalf of the university. It is important that you do not obtain print from any supplier that is not on the framework agreements. To ensure you comply with finance procedure rules we recommend that all printed items are handled by us.

A good reason is that another customer in the university might require a similar or the same type of product at the same time as you, we can potentially produce work either in house or sub contract multiple jobs at the same time which could result in a lower price.

The print service and our suppliers often print work for multiple customers at the same time, this is a process known as ganging, two or more jobs are printed on larger sheets at the same time, this reduces processing costs.

Cheaper price online ?

You might have found a cheaper price for your job online, firstly are you sure you have asked for the same specifications ? We typically find that we are told xyz printer can print a job cheaper than us, upon further investigation there is usually a discrepancy resulting in the price difference.

If you do find a price cheaper elsewhere we will endeavour to at least price match wherever possible. Get in touch and let us know the details and provide as much information as you can including the estimate.


All our suppliers are vetted with strict sustainability credentials in mind , we only use recycled materials or materials from sustainable sources with chains of custody.

Consider the delivery miles

the price might be a bit cheaper but if the job is getting shipped or delivered from the other end of the country the carbon footprint of the job maybe increased, we are committed to the sustainability ambitions of the university and are developing and introducing technology and new resources and our aim is to be the leading sustainable printing service in the sector.