Ordering Online

We offer an online ordering system for common products such as posters and general document printing, the service is available to all staff and students at the University of Leeds.



This is not the myPrint print system, we are not currently integrated into the myPrint system, as a result you can not use my print credits with the print and mail service currently.

For more information about myPrint head over to the IT Helpdesk

More products

we are always adding to the range of products available and have some exciting developments planned, if you think of a product you use regularly and would like to see added to the platform just let us know by raising a support case in our dedicated print and mail support system.

Cost efficient

Ordering online is more cost and time efficient for both parties, no back and forth with emails asking for a price , the system gives you a price as you configure the product. We can pass on these savings as online orders are automated at our secure production centre, most of the time a job is printing within a few minutes of the order been received.

How to order and training

Ordering is fairly simple, print can be complicated though. At the Print and Mail service we want to make ordering printing as simple as possible and painless.

This knowledge base contains plenty of helpful articles and tips, we also have an onsite training room for small groups to visit and experience the printing process from end to end.

What if I need help or get stuck ?

Don't worry, if you cant find an answer in these pages just raise a support request, please try and include as much information as you can and also a screen shot always helps. Most often than not we can resolve queries via the helpdesk quickly. We can also do Teams support where we can screen share to show you how to do something, or we can take control of your PC to help out, either way we are here to help.