123 Germ Free

Terms and Conditions

  • It is advised that you test out stickers on certain areas of your wall prior to a larger purchase. A small sample is available to purchase for a small fee.

  • The vinyl is semi-permanent matte vinyl suitable for walls and hard surfaces. It may damage walls when removed and we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused.

  • As it is semi-permanent, once fully stuck it can still be removed with force. We can provide a permanent option if you prefer, if you think your children are likely to pull them off – please contact (xxx for more information)

  • All stickers, including floor stickers are for internal use only.


Design Guidance

  • To get the most from the stickers, group them together on the walls rather than spreading them out. See the images on the website for guidance.

  • Try to stick them level and in line with other stickers around them.


Installation Guidance

  • All stickers are ‘weeded’ so that they are easy for you to remove.

  • We recommend the use of a Vinyl Black Felt Edge Squeegee (such as Gebildet’s brand available on Amazon). We also recommend use of a pin to prick any bubbles that might appear. The tiny holes then enable the sticker to be flattened/pushed out when you use the Squeegee.

  • As the stickers are semi-permanent, they can be removed several times to get the placement right. Once in the correct position, give them a really good press down. 

  • Avoid placing stickers on non-flat surfaces. If hand dryers are curved consider placing the ‘3’ sticker above the hand dryer instead.

  • When installing ensure to avoid getting the stickers stuck together as it is difficult to separate them again.

  • Avoid getting the stickers wet although they can wiped clean with a moist cloth.