Order from an iPad

You can use an iPad type device to order products online, the artwork you want to upload should be istored in the cloud that your iPad is connected to and can also access. Examples are google drive, one drive (widely used across the university, and the only place you should store university related material) or iCloud.


  1. browse to the product you require, and click order. The product configuration window will open, then tap the upload files button at the top left of the screen.

    Add files

  2. tap upload files


  3. tap browse

  4. navigate to the cloud storage provider where your file is located, in this case OneDrive

  5. select your file

  6. Tap upload


  7. the job will then display in the window


  8. the last step is to add a job name and quantity


Remember to set the displayed options for your order such as paper type if you want the job in colour or black and white